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Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents

From Thursday, 1 February 2024 to Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents

February 2024


The Institut Ramon Llull is promoting the Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents , international residency programme, which aims to help emerging young talent on their way to becoming professionals by providing support and training, creation, and production.

The programme aims to connect Catalan filmmakers aged 18 to 30 with other filmmakers from around the world, thereby establishing a network of contacts between the different countries. It will follow a hybrid format consisting of training and a technical-artistic element, in which Catalan and English will be the main languages, and it will take place between Olot and Girona. This residency is a of Faberllull with the collaborations of El Modern. Centre Audiovisual i Digital de Girona.

The main aim of the residency is to give a boost to up-and-coming creators by combining a series of professional activities. The residency will involve reinforcement of the technical and practical knowledge on the key elements of a complete film production process with personalised guidance, networking and synergies between residents.

Overview of the Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents.

The programme offers accommodation and half board (breakfast and an evening meal) at the recidency Faberllull Olot over a 14-day period, alongside group sessions involving all the participants, two masterclasses and creative spaces.

The initiative has a dual purpose: on the one hand, to get the residents to create an audiovisual piece during their stay, with this being the main objective, and, on the other hand, to provide support for the young filmmakers in producing a film shot entirely at the residence, in which each department will put their knowledge into practice.

Prior to the stay, participants will be sent the script of a fictional short film to work on and develop their artistic vision and staging with a view to undertaking the task of constructing new narratives. Subsequently, they will continue to work to start the pre-production process during the residency by attending a series of masterclasses given by professionals from the sector. This guidance, combined with the diversity and creativity of the residents and a group excursion to the Garrotxa area, will help to define and enrich the project.

The masterclasses will cover a range of topics such as directing, communication techniques, entrepreneurship and SDGs, subsidies, grants and residencies, production and distribution. Focusing on the analytical, technical and aesthetic understanding of the visual essence, and the importance of emotions in order to interpret and analyse the composition of the story beforehand.

The filming of the short film will be carried out using the residents' own equipment and that of the collaborating centres. If necessary, technical material can also be provided according to the foreseen budget.

The result of this work will be exhibited, whenever possible, in the network of lectureships of of the Institut Ramon Llull and at the Cinema Truffaut in Girona.


Requirements for applicants:

The requirements to apply for the Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents are as follows:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old.
  • Be enrolled or have completed studies in film or audiovisual, acting, or sound courses or related courses from the audiovisual world. Proof of attendance must be provided.
  • Be fully available for the duration of the Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents.

Profiles that will be selected:

A maximum of twelve residents will be selected from the following professional profiles:

  • Actor or actress (2)
  • Director (1)
  • Assistant director (1)
  • Production (1)
  • Director of photography (1)
  • Gaffer (1)
  • Art direction + wardrobe (1)
  • Make-up and hair (1)
  • Sound director (1)
  • Editor (2)

There can only be one application per person and you can choose a preferred profile as well as a secondary option.

Selection criteria

The criteria for the selection of the profiles participating in the Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents will be based on a 15-point system and will be as follows:

  • Impact of the residency on the applicant's professional career (up to 5 points)
  • Versatility or multidisciplinarity in the different areas (up to 4 points)
  • Assessment of academic achievements or previous audiovisual work (up to 3 points)
  • Language requirements (up to 3 points)

Candidates will be selected by a panel made up of one person appointed by Institut ramon Llull, a member of El Modern. Centre Audiovisual i Digitals de Girona and the project Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents coordinator.

The selection process will ensure a gender balance in the profiles selected, as well as prioritising the inclusion of new talent.

There will also be a waiting list in case any of those selected decide not to take part in the residency once the results have been announced.

Those selected will be required to book and confirm their full availability for the duration of the residency. Those unable to attend all days will be excluded from the selection and their place will be allocated according to the order of the waiting list.


The Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents will take place from 1 to 14 February 2024 at Faberllull Olot (Catalonia) in collaboration with El Modern. Centre Audiovisual i Digital de Girona (Catalonia).

The residency will provide selected participants with the following services and resources:

  • Accommodation and half board (breakfast and an evening meal) at Faberllull Olot.
  • Transport by coach from Olot to El Modern. Centre Audiovisual i Digital de Girona. Centre Audiovisual i Digital de Girona.
  • Two masterclasses with industry professionals.

Travel and transfers to Faberllull Olot are not included.


The selection of the participants of the Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents will be made on a competitive basis and in accordance with the principles of publicity, transparency, objectivity, equality and non-discrimination.

The deadline for announcing the results of the selection process for participation in the Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents will be one month after the closing date of the call for applications, 14 november.

All applicants will be individually notified of the decision via the email address provided. The list of selected candidates will then be published on the Faberllull and Institut Ramon Llull websites.

Those selected authorise Faberllull, Institut Ramon Llull and El Modern. Centre Audiovisual i Digital de Girona to publicly communicate all of the activities, materials and resources generated within the framework of this programme.

If you have any questions, please contact

**OPEN CALL IS NOW CLOSED - we no longer accept further applications



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