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From Thursday, 1 February 2024 to Wednesday, 14 February 2024



Actress and co-founder of "La Saura Theater Company". She holds a degree in Dramatic Arts from Eòlia-EAS and has trained at various theater schools such as "Colegi del Teatre" and "El Timbal." Additionally, she participated in an International theater program at the University of Illinois in Chicago. In theatre, we have seen her, amongst others, at "DÉJÀ VU" (2023) directed by Martí Torras and "La Metamorfosi" (2023) directed by Alex Mañas, both staged at Teatre Eòlia. She has also been on Tour and at Teatre Eòlia too with "Democrazy " (2022), a "La Saura" production directed by Mario Rebugent and at "La Sala Beckett" with "Helter Skelter" (2019), directed by Martí Gallén.

She has been assistant director in the productions of "Magnet" (2022), a production of the University of Illinois at Chicago and "Innogen", a production of "Shakespeare in The Park" (2022).

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the Hackathon, a project by Faberllull with support from Institut Ramon Llull and El Modern. The term “Hackathon” refers to an event where computer programmers collaborate intensively on programming projects. We hosted our own Hackathon, a residency where artists worked closely together to create a short film.

Joined by eleven other creative minds (some of them international), we delved into our existing knowledge and continually acquired new insights while collaborating on the short film. Every moment provided an opportunity to connect with fellow artists and unleash our imaginations. The creation of the short film proved to be an exhilarating and demanding journey. From analysing the script we had already penned and handling pre-production tasks to the extensive hours spent filming and editing, we underwent the entire filmmaking process first-hand, with each team member contributing their talent and unique perspective.

The Hotel Riu Fluvià became our temporary sanctuary where we not only worked but also bonded and connected with each other. And perhaps that’s what I value most, the connections I’ve forged with people. Individuals whom I wouldn’t have crossed paths with if it hadn’t been for this residency, and whom I now deeply appreciate meeting because they’ve enriched me both personally and artistically.

Moreover, we had the chance to attend master classes with Anna Pfaff, Paula Comas and Mouly Molist. There, we delved into the realms of pre-production and editing, where we not only uncovered new pathways for our personal and professional development but also acquired tools to kick-start our own projects.

But beyond filmmaking, the residency was an experience that enriched me personally. I uncovered new skills, and as it was a collective project, I experienced everything that occurs during a shoot, not just the actor’s role I had previously filled. Those were very intense days that I would definitely repeat.

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