Collective residencies / Hackathon: cinema residency for young talents / Olot


From Thursday, 1 February 2024 to Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Johannesburg, South Africa


As a young independent film director, Kamogelo Lunga Mthombeni has taken his time and opportunities in his past and career to learn most of the trades in all production phases in efforts to become a better director. After graduating with a BA in Motion Picture majoring in Colour Grading, Kamogelo interned and later worked as an Editor at The Upstairs Ludus while directing music videos to amapiano hit songs. He then began his short career as a DOP for a couple of months while directing commercials with RTC Studios for a year. This led to the development and screening of his first short film titled ‘are you Happy?’ Which is a Documentary fashion film that visually expresses a bond and relationship between the founder of Happyville (Lebo) and director of operations (Fargo). Kamogelo took upon many hats for this project such as script writer, Director, DOP, Editor and
Producer. Operating with a shoestring budget, he marshalled a team of enthusiastic young collaborators, each bringing their unique vision and skills to the table. This experience was not only a testament to his directorial capabilities but also a reaffirmation of his commitment to nurturing a growing film community here at home in South Africa. Kamogelo aims to cinematically globalise the African urban culture by documenting and sharing unique and original stories that make up ththe vibrant tapestry of experiences, perspectives, and untold narratives within the continent.


At FaberLlull Olot, my focus is to refine my directorial craft, particularly in the realm of performance. I'm keen on exploring the intricate dynamics of performance, recognising its pivotal role in the art of filmmaking to find new and unconventional ways of expressing human emotion to accentuate moments. By connecting with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, I aim to assimilate and develop new perspectives on character portrayal. Central to this exploration is the concept of the script as a mirror, allowing myself, cast and the crew to see reflections of our own experiences and emotions within the story, fostering a natural connection through shared narratives and personal stories. By engaging in deep conversations and story-sharing, I intend to help the cast discover parts of themselves in the script. As a director, I see my role as both a mirror and a window, guiding the actors to the heart of the story, helping them to internalise and embody their characters. Once this common ground has been
found, we can then begin to ask the questions “why is this our instinctive response as humans?” “How can we respond differently” Extending this philosophy to the crew is also paramount, as the entire filmmaking process is a collective storytelling effort. Creating a compassionate and empathetic environment where everyone sees a part of themselves in the project can lead to a more unified and powerful narrative expression. This connection is not just about enhancing performances but also about cultivating new compelling and cohesive films. It’s about using our shared experiences in understanding our differences to create a unified vision, a singular narrative pulse that has never been expressed before but throbs through every aspect of the production.

My experience at Faberllull was very insightful and educational. I am very appreciative of the hospitality that was provided to us, the amazing and friendly staff at Riu Fluvià and Faberllulll, the “feel at home” experience during lunch when everyone gathered in the kitchen to make their own meals, exchanging cultural tastes. It was really an experience of a lifetime.

I strongly believe in sharing experiences and realities with different and diverse people can really help open up our minds to become better and stronger versions of ourselves. This experience, was nothing short of that. Truly grateful.

Thank you Faberllull for the opportunity and platform.

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