Collective residencies / Olot

Earth sciences: history, science and society

From Tuesday, 19 November 2024 to Sunday, 1 December 2024

Earth sciences: history, science and society

November 2024

Throughout history, the Earth sciences, and especially volcanism, have played a very important role in shaping today's society in Garrotxa. By studying the historical relationship between science and society, we can gain a deeper understanding of the structure of contemporary society.

In this residency, we want to create a space for reflection and research on the relationship between science, territory and society, based on the historical study of the development of science. Various researchers in the field of the history of science will come together to present and share the studies they are currently carrying out on the historical relationship between science and society in the different scientific disciplines, mainly Earth science, but also other closely related disciplines. Based on the history of ecology, natural parks, geology, chemistry, physics and medicine, we want to work in a multi- and interdisciplinary way to understand today's society and the interaction between science, territory and society.

With this in mind, Faberllull Olot is currently looking for researchers in the fields of history of science (different scientific disciplines), philosophy of science and other, more specialised scientific fields such as geology. Research projects should be in line with the ideas outlined above.

The residency will take place at Faberllull Olot from 19 November to 1 December 2024.

Application deadline: 26 April 2024.

The application form must be duly completed and accompanied by the required documentation.

Notification of results: 16 May 2024



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