Halyna Istomina presents her work ”The Defense of Kiev. 2022”

Friday, 15 September 2023 , Olot

Halyna Istomina presents her work ”The Defense of Kiev. 2022”

Halyna Istomina presents her work ”The Defense of Kiev. 2022”

Quadriptych is titled "Defense of Kiev. 2022."

On February 24, 2022, there was a sudden military attack on an unprepared country. Kiev was defended by completely unprepared people. Native Kyivans are special people who love their city to the extreme. They all came to the defense of Kiev, including women and children. The forces were completely unequal. And suddenly, in the sky, the image of Archangel Michael appeared. With the help of Archangel Michael, people were able to repel the attack of the Russian invaders.

Later, military assistance arrived. Anti-aircraft defense was set up, and other measures were taken. These people were placed in the same row as the archangels because they are also children of God.

Archangel Michael leads the heavenly host. While Archangel Raphael represents healing.

The material for the quadriptych was an old plywood that the owner was planning to throw away. The burnt holes symbolize gunshots. I painted on the primed plywood using a mixed technique.

This was a acril and watercolor.

The quadriptych was started in 2022. That's when all these images were born. However, in 2022, only the archangels Michael and Raphael were painted. They were exhibited in the churches of Pineda de Mar, Calella, and the Monastery of Arenys de Mar at the time when Ukrainian choir concerts were held.

Later, in 2023, the portraits of people were painted.

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