Piano concert with Roberto Maria Mongardini, in Aula Musical (Olot)

Thursday, 18 May 2023 , Olot

Piano concert with Roberto Maria Mongardini, in Aula Musical (Olot)

Piano concert with Roberto Maria Mongardini, in Aula Musical (Olot)

Extensio V, per a piano i Live Electronics.

The research project focuses on "gesture transduction," an exploration of the connection between sound and movement. It analyzes how sound and gestures work together and uncovers a lot of interesting informations.

A key part of the project is transduction. It involves capturing the nuances of gestures and transforming them into electric energy, ultimately translating them into numerical data. This transformative process opens up endless possibilities for artistic manipulation and expression.

By applying compositional processes to the intricate sound descriptors, my objective is to create a captivating real-time manipulation of the acoustic instrument's sound. This fusion of traditional and electronic elements extend the instrument's potential. The project seeks to explore electronics as a natural extension of the acoustic instrument, pushing the boundaries of traditional performance. It's about finding a balance between the performer's instincts and pre-planned musical elements.

Extensio represents the evolution of the exchange of such interactions in symbiosis and awareness of the performer's power over electronics. It shows the collaboration between the two and creates a unique musical experience.

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