Polluting Drama at Girona

Saturday, 19 November 2022

Polluting Drama at Girona

Polluting Drama at Girona

This contaminating dramaturgy workshop held at FaberLlull from November 14 to 20 has resulted in these five texts written by playwrights Guadalupe Sáez Moreno (Valencia), Rafel Gallego (Palma), Marcela Terra Flores (Barcelona), Héloïse Desrivières (Toulouse) and Jéssica Martínez Villalba (Valencia) during the work sessions with Albert Tola and Rodrigo Garcia, the workshop leaders. The reading of these five texts was presented at the Casal de Cultura de Girona with the collaboration of the Galliner students.

We are still in the first phase of the work, so the germinal or embryonic texts of each of these future works were shared with the public. After an intense work of creation The very important objective of this reading was that the 4 authors and the author, can rewrite after having witnessed the incarnation in the bodies and voices of the actors and actresses participating in the reading , of these first texts that will become a complete work in the future.


Saturday 19 November 2022, 5 pm at the Casal de Cultura de Girona

Tantarantana is committed to generating international relations that, on the one hand, help spread the scenic creation of Catalonia around the world, and on the other, attract professionals from the international field to our cities. This season, the theater is launching the 'International dramaturgy project - Mediterranean' aimed at playwrights from the Mediterranean, with the aim of carrying out various dramaturgy workshops around themes linked to the Mediterranean Sea. The first of these workshops will use the polluting dramaturgy methodology, it will be led by the playwright Albert Tola and the director Rodrigo Garcia Olza and the invited countries will be Spain and France. The aim of this first phase is the creation of a dramatic constellation with the writing of short theatrical pieces that mirror each other. The authors will meet to jointly investigate dramaturgical spaces, polluting writings and historical and contemporary themes seen in a polyhedron from both sides of the sea. Playwrights Guadalupe Sáez Moreno (Valencia), Rafel Gallego (Palma), Marcela Terra Flores (Barcelona), Héloïse Desrivières (Toulouse) and Jéssica Martínez Villalba (Valencia) are participating. This exchange between the Valencian Community, Catalana, the Balearic Islands and the Occitanie region will continue in a second face-to-face workshop in France during 2023 to complete the creative work, which will culminate in a publication of the written texts in Red Escénica magazine.

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