Talk at Cor de Maria School (Olot)

Tuesday, 6 October 2020 , Olot

Talk at Cor de Maria School (Olot)

Talk at Cor de Maria School (Olot)

Cristina Calderón Puig | Cor de Maria School | October 6, 2020

The initial proposal that I had made and coordinated together with Professor Servand Solanilla was modified at the last moment due to the confinement of the students. We had to rethink the activity in video-conference format. 44 students and some teachers from the institute attended.

During the videoconference I introduced the students to my research work to Faber, looking for close and understandable examples for their age with concepts such as post naturalness, the anthropomorphic vision of Nature or the coexistence of worlds (industrial-natural). I showed them an example of a spontaneous plant using Google Street, which allowed us to navigate through some streets in Olot. We also talked about the diversity of plastic and technological languages to represent ideas visually by reviewing some of my works shown on the web.

Once the introduction was done, I proposed to them to make a work as a collaborative artistic installation that could be shown in their educational centre. By means of a visual and detailed presentation that showed all the phases of the work, which they will do in a second session once they join the centre in person.

Finally, we started a question time with the students, and it was far beyond the time we had planned. The children were very receptive and participative. They asked questions about techniques, concepts and artistic experiences.

In a later meeting with Servand Solanilla, I gave them the specific materials to build the sculptures in the centre. We talked about the timing of the second session (phase of making the sculptures) and the possibility of making a new video-conference once the project is finished.

Personally, the experience has been very enriching and satisfactory.

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