Lucky Seven

EOI | November 11, 2019

Thursday, 10 October 2019 , Olot

Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven

With a packed room of over 80 attendees, Huey-Min Chuang led an evening talk and discussion on seven skills that can make anyone lucky in life when practiced in everyday life, situations, challenges, and steady realization of dreams.  The group was inspired to  engage in visualization of their dreams first by thinking of the moment that they have achieved their goals.  Who are they with?  What are they doing, Where are they? and When is it that it happens.  By utilization our full five senses, we can see it in our minds and feel it in ourselves, even if the moment has not yet happened.  Science has proven that our brains cannot differentiate between real and imagined experiences.  Think of a sour lemon juice for example, does your tongue begins to tingle, and your face grimace because of bitterness, and perceived acidity?  That is why we need to encourage positive and rewarding thoughts in our everyday pondering and feelings to maintain good energy and disposition towards whatever life bring us.  Yes, we can think ourselves to illness and desperation and anxiety!

After that Huey-Min led the audience to rest in the peak of their achievements, she asks them to write them down on a piece of paper to carry with them at all times, until the day that they have accomplished that dream.  Following that she tells them that it is important to know your “Whys” of your efforts so that you can have consistent motivation to continue.  In order to also propel the universe forth towards your goals, you must also share it with others.  A supportive community provides numbers in strength, especially when collaboration take place in a common pursuit than a lonely solo journey in your life endeavors.   Especially if everyone at the EOI are learning to master English.  There is a natural fit that can be leveraged to partake in fun and enjoyable activities that increases the effectiveness and efficacy of language learning.  Huey-Min knows what it takes to learn a language, as she has learned 11 languages in her life.  She even learned Artificial Intelligence coding language skills last year, so that she would not be replaced easily by machines in the future. 

After the visualization, knowing your “whys”, and sharing with the world. Huey-Min asked the attendees to stand up for luck in their lives.  There are three kinds of people – first, those who believe luck is fate and predestined, either you have it  or not, nothing can be done about it.  Then there is the second type, who believes that with hard work, and the keen eye for knowing to grab onto opportunities when it appears, and the last type, those who believes that they are born unfortunate, and nothing can make them feel any different about all the bad luck that seems to befall on them.  Over 70% believes that luck is definitely preparation meeting the right opportunity, with a small percentage believing that they were born lucky. No one believes that they are the most unlucky, except for Huey-Min when she was ten.  

Huey-Min went from feeling totally unlucky to discovering that she can turn adversity into positive forces of nature that became her capstone seven lucky skills that she is sharing with the world for better lives.  Today, she believes that luck is a gift of the universe with her propelling it forward like a snowball rolling down a hill towards a giant momentum of goodness that blankets the world. 

The lecture went on to discuss what the seven lucky skills are.  They encompasses acronyms that spell B.A.L.L.S.Y.S –

Be your own star

Always in motion

Lost without fear

Life’s greatest chef

Super detective

You are limitless

Spirited entrepreneur

To achieve these skills, one adapts a ballsy attitude of fiery toughness, bravado, courage, dare, adventure spirit, and bravery to change from darkness to light, last to first, alienation to leadership, loneliness to community.  Like what the Spaniards say, “tener cojones” to take on the world.

The entire audience laughed at some of Huey-Min’s jokes, especially when everyone engaged in body stretches to align their postures for growth sitting down.  Huey-Min also went into details on how to create a Treasure Map of your riches, with stops in between that rewards your efforts.  The audience also asked her how to deal with failure, where she answered by providing specific techniques to see through the failure as an opportunity for discovery of our strengths, areas for new skill acquisition, better understanding and appreciation of our own efforts and eventually turning “failures into the secret weapons of our successes.”

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