Feminism, Women Chapter and Activism

Escola Oficial d’Idiomes (EOI) | October 23, 2018

Tuesday, 23 October 2018 , Olot

Feminism, Women Chapter and Activism

Feminism, Women Chapter and Activism

During her stay at Faber Supriti Dhar made her days useful by sharing her experiences with other residents coming from different parts of the world and from different discipline. As a journalist and a women rights activist, it was a big opportunity to enrich her work-related areas.

She attended a talk at Escola Oficial d’Idiomes on 23 October 2018, where she explained how she became an activist from a journalist and how does she work, how she relates her duty to the country.

She demonstrated her online portal www.womenchapter.com, a very first online portal in Bangladesh based on women issues, which she calls ‘A Movement Towards a Change’.

For Supriti, this portal is her ‘brain child’. She explained why she needed a platform for women where they can express themselves, writes what they think and how was she threatened by fundamentalists, agencies and driven away from her country only because that she raised women voices through writings.

Finally, she asked the young students [of EOI] to create their own field like her with passion and with love.

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