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Mediterranean women weaving residency. The value of peace

From Monday, 16 September 2024 to Friday, 20 September 2024

Mediterranean women weaving residency. The value of peace

September 2024

Women originally from Palestine, Syria and Lebanon will meet for one week at Faberllull to reflect on Peace, based on their personal experiences. They are women with backgrounds in art, academia, journalism, etc. Some of them live in the Middle East and others now live in Europe and some, in Catalonia. They are different ages and have experienced quite different political and social situations.

The residency will foster the right conditions to make this meet-up a healing experience for all the participants, as the impact of the war and conflicts in these three countries is particularly raw. So, the programme will include activities that help the women forge bonds and build safe spaces where they can share their anxieties and pain, and listen to each other.

This is the first time an event has been organised to bring together women from these three countries. The goal is to promote the women’s professional work and activism, particularly for peace. Highlighting every-day experiences, the goal is to get away from only allowing so-called “experts” to speak about the conflicts.

It is organised by Faberllull residence and the International Catalan Institute for Peace. This action is in line with the ICIP work area Memory, coexistence and reconciliation, which in 2024 has made a firm commitment to highlighting the importance of diasporas in building Peace.



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