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Screenplay development lab 2024-2025 I

From Wednesday, 16 October 2024 to Sunday, 20 October 2024

Screenplay development lab 2024-2025 I

October 2024

The Academy of Catalan Cinema Residency is a screenplay development lab for fiction and documentary feature films, the first incubator of its type in Catalonia and the first to host projects in Catalan and guarantee their participation.

This is the third year it has been held. The chosen participants stay at Faberllull at the beginning of the process, in October 2024, and then return for the conclusion of the programme in February 2025. The stay will give them the chance to share opinions and projects, working to push them forward.

This third edition of the Academy of Catalan Cinema Residency will work with 10 projects over 9 months. It offers extended mentorship and guidance from renowned professionals, workshops and masterclasses to help young talent find inspiration and use different techniques. The support also includes meetings with industry professionals, the distribution and festival sectors, and talks on issues such as sustainability and inclusion.

The Academy of Catalan Cinema Residency offers a grant so creators can concentrate on writing, speeding up the creative process, while also promoting ongoing dialogue and sharing among the participating projects. It also stresses the importance of internationalising the projects through training and putting them in contact with the international industry.

This residency is an initiative of the Academy of Catalan Cinema and Guionistes Associats de Catalunya (GAC), with funding from the Catalan Ministry of Culture/Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC), the Barcelona City Council, DAMA, Ramon Llull University/FCRI, Pompeu Fabra University, ESCAC, Institut Ramon Llull and El Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera-CAN.



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