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Retreat for illustrators to cooperate with International publishers

From Monday, 25 September 2023 to Friday, 6 October 2023

Retreat for illustrators to cooperate with International publishers

September 2023


The Institut Ramon Llull is organising a paid creative residency for six illustrators at Faberllull Olot to work on projects commissioned by six international publishers in order to foster their potential publication in their respective markets.


The Institut Ramon Llull teams up with six international publishers interested in commissioning illustrators. Each publisher presents a project while the Institut Ramon LLull organises an open call for illustrators -resident in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands- to present their profiles. The candidates who meet the requirements then submit their work proposals based on those 6 publishing projects. Illustrators can work on as many projects as they wish. Based on these proposals, each publishing house will select an illustrator to start a professional collaboration, which will have its core at the Faberllull Olot residency.

The residency establishes a minimum level of interaction between the publisher and the illustrator to guarantee follow-up and productive collaboration between both parties. As well as that, the residency will be enriched with a collective project presentation with all the participants and other training activities adapted to their profiles.


15 February – 15 March: Call for illustrators to submit their applications.

15 March - 3 April: pre-selected candidates are informed individually.

3 April – 15 May: submission of proposals by shortlisted illustrators based on the publishing projects.

June: Announcement of the successful candidates and projects selected by the publishers. First meeting to outline a work plan for the residency at Faberllull Olot

25 September - 6 October: Residency at Faberllull – Olot, in which the selected group of illustrators will focus on the assignment and the relationship with the publisher, who will monitor the creative process with regular online meetings.

The residency will allow to get started on the project. Work will most likely extend beyond the two weeks at Faberllull - Olot. Ideally, the process should end with the publication of the work. In this case, both parties will formalise their collaboration with a contract.

If the result of the creative residency does not fit in with the publisher's plans and the publisher decides not to go ahead with the publication of the work, illustrators will have the right to use the content created as they deem appropriate without infringing upon the interests or the intellectual property of the publisher.

How much?

The Institut Ramon Llull offers a net pay of €600 to each illustrator selected for the residency at Faberllull.

Faberllull – Olot covers accommodation and half board (breakfast and evening meal)

If the project is published, the illustrator and the publisher will negotiate a contract establishing the agreed remuneration.


The participating international publishers are:

  • Bulutsu – Turkey
  • Charlesbridge – United States
  • Chouette – Canada
  • Hélium – France
  • Mondadori – Italy
  • TREFL - Poland

The selection criteria for candidates are:

Essential requirements:

  • To be resident in Catalonia or the Balearic Islands
  • To have a minimum of three published works
  • To be fluent in English

It will be considered as valuable:

  • Having published works in the Catalan language
  • Having published works with foreign publishing houses (i.e. outside Spain)
  • Prior experience of editorial assignments (especially from foreign publishers)
  • Having an official English language certificate


The aim of the initiative is (1) to promote the publication of Catalan and Balearic illustrators abroad; and (2) to encourage international publishers to commission Catalan and Balearic illustrators.

More projects

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**OPEN CALL IS NOW CLOSED - we no longer accept further applications


What residents are saying about us




Everything went swimmingly. The first email confirming I had been selected, the first interviews with the publishing house and what really interests us here: the stay at Faber. Arriving and meeting Pepa, the best welcome one could imagine. Unpacking ...

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Social illustrator


"Although I am writing this a few weeks after my stay in Olot ended, the memories are still very present. In fact, I am still in contact with a few of the other participants and am still working on the project I started at Faberllull. All the notes ...

+ info



A MAGICAL STAY IN AN INSPIRING ENVIRONMENT. My stay at the Faber Lull Creative Residence in Olot was an amazing experience for me. It was enriching on a professional level, as I was able to work on my own project, directly supervised by an international ...

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"Illustrators, in our role as artists/artisans, tend to work alone, maintaining only digital contact with our clients. In bringing us together, this stay produced a veritable creative explosion and an exchange of ideas that would otherwise have ...

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