Collective residencies / Retreat for illustrators to cooperate with International publishers / Olot


From Monday, 25 September 2023 to Friday, 6 October 2023



Silvia is an illustrator based in Barcelona. She works mainly illustrating children’s picture books. She has also a line of kendo-related illustrated products at

She studied Illustration in Escola Joso in Barcelona, and then specialized in Children Illustration. She completed her studies with a Professional Certificate in Illustration and a coruse on Creation of Picture Books at CIFO l’Hospitalet.

With her illustrations, she likes to tell stories about both magic and everyday adventures always with a positive vision about life and the world around us. She likes to work and experiment with any medium that suits her mood.

She loves getting lost in the forest, watching the night sky and hiking in the mountains. She practices kendo, another of her passions, and is addicted to tea and fantastic literature.


During the Creative Residence at Olot organised by the Institut Ramon Llull and Faberllull I will be working in a children's picture book in collaboration with Charlesbirdge (USA). The book tells the adventures of a brave little girl who goes in search of a fearsome monster. Will she be able to find it? And what if she does?


My stay at the Faber Lull Creative Residence in Olot was an amazing experience for me. It was enriching on a professional level, as I was able to work on my own project, directly supervised by an international editor.

And enriching on a personal level, surrounded by other illustrators, all different and all brilliant.

The programme provides you with your own space for individual creative moments and also provides common spaces to share with peers, so that we were constantly immersed in a creative environment. We all shared, got to know different processes and learned from each other.

The wonderful natural environment at Olot also enabled me to adopt a stimulating work routine, with inspiring walks through nature and moments of intense creative work, tempered by periods of relaxation and good company.

The icing on the cake: the staff at Faber Llul, who were always friendly and made me feel at home.

A highly recommendable experience that I would love to repeat in the future.

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