Collective residencies

Designing the city in an uncertain future

From Sunday, 9 October 2022 to Sunday, 16 October 2022

Designing the city in an uncertain future

October 2022

Palma finds itself in a key moment: designing the new General Plan that will outline how the future Palma will look like.

As a “city project”, the General Plan is a tool which lays out the huge possibilities the city has towards the future, which are brought to life by choosing a specific urban-territorial model. Thus, community participation becomes vital in order to shape this cornerstone for the city’s territorial governance.

During the 2022 Biennial of Thought, together with associations, citizens and people who have studied these issues, we would like to work on identifying the challenges and changes Palma will both find along the way and have to face in the future, broken down into four core ideas: city, culture, democracy and technology.

That’s why we are delighted to invite several experts in the field of city transformation to the first FaberLlull Palma residency in the autumn of 2022, who can contribute their vision, sharing tools and know-how with several local teams.

Through daily dynamic sessions shared by residents and local entities, we will work together to devise strategies so as to transform Palma, share community work tools and connect the guest residents to the local social fabric.

Aside from this laboratory, we will also invite the FaberLlull Palma residents to take part in a number of panels featured in the official programme for the Palma Biennial of Thought.




Cofounder of Deliberativa


Investigador, gestor i mediador cultural


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