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Inclusive education

From Monday, 3 October 2022 to Sunday, 9 October 2022

Inclusive education

October 2022

Although we may not like it, five years after the implementation of Spanish Decree 150/2017, of the 17th of October, for the provision of educational support for students within the framework of an inclusive education system, we still continue to segregate and generate exclusion within schools. It is important that we analyse where we are now as well as how we would like to proceed along the path towards achieving more inclusive schools, and thus be able to offer, despite the complexity of the challenge, schools in which all students can participate and progress together without exception.

It is for this reason that a group of teachers from La Garrotxa have joined together under the name XAPEICAT (Xarxa de professionals per l’educació inclusiva de Catalunya - Network of professionals in favour of an inclusive education in Catalonia) and we are organising a thematic week focused on inclusive education.

To this end, we will be joined by a wide array of experts in educational inclusion. These experts will work alongside us and will share their knowledge, helping us to define the way forward, and providing us with tools and strategies in relation to inclusive practices, cultures and policies that will allow the different players in the educational sector to rethink and commit ourselves to an inclusive model that is more efficient and coherent.



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