Archipelagos, European programme for translators

Thursday, 8 February 2024

Archipelagos, European programme for translators

Archipelagos, European programme for translators

Faberllull will host a meeting and seminar of more than ten translators of the novel Et vaig donar ulls i vas mirar les tenebres (2023) by Irene Solà, from Catalan into other languages, who gather with the presence of the author for the first time. It will take place from 15th to 19th May with translators from all over the world.

The meeting has different aims: on the one hand, to learn more about the author, the work and her creative process; on the other, to convey doubts and share them with the author and the other colleagues; and finally, work on the translation alone or as a team; and meet other professionals, so as to grow the network of translators. And also seducing the translators so that they discover Catalan literary works that were unknown to them in order to translate them into their languages. With that aim two conversations will take place on Classic and Contemporary Catalan literature, leaded by specialists on both fields.

Furthermore, Irene Solà will guide the translators on a walk through the massif Guilleries, the setting for her latest novel to share the landscape as a source of inspiration.

Raising the unseen stories

 Archipelagos is a three-year project funded by the European Union that launched in January 2024. It is led by ATLAS in France and supported by 11 European partners. Its ambition is to unearth the diversity of literary voices in Europe by supporting literary translators to discover new stories in lesser-used languages.

  A little-known part of their work consists in finding new voices to translate. By funding residencies around this scouting activity, Archipelagos aims to recognise this work. More than 100 translators will be supported in their research, and 10 workshops will bring together over 150 colleagues working with 10 core languages in all combinations with other European languages. 

  The project also aims to increase demand. Webinars and events will be delivered to book-chain professionals. Public events will flourish across Europe and give the public the opportunity to hear from these literary explorers and discover the treasures they have found.

  Archipelagos aims to expand literary routes in Europe.

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