Three community leaders and the spirituality

Sunday, 29 October 2023 , Olot

Three community leaders  and the spirituality

Three community leaders and the spirituality

During the residency of the three community leaders we gave space to spirituality, sharing cosmovisions, acknowledging indigenous perspectives and exploring community, an event held on 29 October in the beautiful crater of Montsacopa in Olot. We were joined by Erika Zárate, from the Resilience.Earth cooperative, who moderated the session, and Àngels Canadell, from Uniterra Catalunya, who brought us closer to the cosmovision we share in our land.

With the words of the philosopher Àngels Canadell we share here part of the learning of that morning:
"Els fonaments d'un canvi de relació amb la Terra". What is the crux that does not allow us to change our way of relating to the Earth? The way we perceive ourselves in relation to water and wind? We read inspiring texts, primordial wisdoms, but they are contents that we absorb mentally and do not catch us as we would like. What is the key to a feeling of identity that brings us calm, serenity and confidence in our own life, that allows us to let go of the will to control and dominate things? We are clinging to thousands of beliefs and habits that sustain the world as we know it. We know better than previous generations that our gaze shapes reality, but deep in our hearts we don't believe it, we don't want to embark on the adventure of being more than individuals.

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