Inna Sych presents her work

Tuesday, 19 September 2023 , Olot

Inna Sych presents her work

Inna Sych presents her work

Ukrainian fashion artist and illustrator Inna Sych presents a series on which she worked during her stay in faberllull Olot, as she calls: "the residence of my soul".

"Each of us is an individual and wants to be heard. Each of us wants to live in a world where peace and prosperity reign. Where children don’t know what’s war, violence, slavery are with their own eyes. Is not it?
But unfortunately, we will not talk about these bright dreams, because next to them there is - .... slavery."

Human traffic is among significant problems of modern Ukraine and the whole world. July 30th is a World Anti-Trafficking Day. Unfortunately, in today's world, the problems of slavery and human trafficking, as well as forced labor, are still relevant.

The transatlantic slave trade, the forcible displacement of African slaves from Africa to plantations and mines in the colonies of the New World and some other colonies in European countries, lasted for more than 400 years.

In a modern world, human life and freedom are considered the greatest value.

This is an important topic and it should be conveyed to people because racism is still visible in the world. This is a result of many people not knowing history and do not understand such basic things. If more people knew the history, this issue would disappear.

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