Exploring form (The dramatic structure, a dangerous animal)

Saturday, 15 April 2023 , Olot

Exploring form (The dramatic structure, a dangerous animal)

Exploring form (The dramatic structure, a dangerous animal)

Workshop on theatrical structure, by playwright Helena Tornero, for the residents of the "Young Catalan and Palestinian dramaturgy" residence.

For many authors, dramatic structure is a dangerous animal. Some outright hate it. Others deny its existence. Others say it's complicated or boring... Others say it's predictable and only serves to kill creativity. And some, moved by fear, refuse even to pronounce his name. Hated, feared, ignored...if the structure were a fictional character, it would undoubtedly be a very interesting one.

The structure does not have to be boring, mechanical or predictable. On the contrary, it is one of the elements of theatrical writing that allows the most to play with creativity.

Because beyond the choice of the idea, the argument and the character, at some point there is another choice. The choice of a form, a structure. And it's an important creative decision. The world of theater is full of great ideas that were not properly structured afterwards.

In this session we have explored some dramatic forms and structures. The aim is to provide tools that help authors know how to instinctively choose the most suitable structure for the work they want to write.

We have gotten closer to this dangerous animal, feared but also interesting and even funny.

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