Introduction to sexual capital, Arcadi Bages Amat

Tuesday, 17 January 2023 , Olot

Introduction to sexual capital,  Arcadi Bages Amat

Introduction to sexual capital, Arcadi Bages Amat

Last Tuesday, January 17, I held a talk - workshop on sexual capital at Ideal, the Youth Office in La Garrotxa, which was attended by 7 girls. It was an introductory workshop intended to familiarize us with this topic that we all intuitively know very well but that we rarely verbalize or move to a conscious plan.

The possession of sexual capital (being sexually desirable and attractive) is the essential preamble to any relationship, both sexual and sex-affective, and that is why it is such a primordial element in our lives. In the workshop we analyzed the different capitals that make it up (physical, social, cultural and economic capital). We did a dynamic to put ourselves in the shoes of both those who have a lot of capital and those who have very little, which was very useful, and then we did a more introspective one where we shared negative experiences about inequalities in the distribution of sexual capital between people. Finally we collectively thought of ways to manage it better and reduce these inequalities.

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