Mental Health by Daragh Fleming

Friday, 14 October 2022 , Olot

Mental Health by Daragh Fleming

Mental Health by Daragh Fleming

Talking Mental Health

I had the brilliant opportunity to discuss all things mental health with some really enthusiastic young people at the Interlingua Language School in Olot this past week. These were school students who have to balance school work, exams, social lives and extra-curricular activities all at once and so we discussed how to maintain mental wellbeing in such a busy schedule, where stress can become an issue.

The main concept we discussed was developing a mental health routine.

This is a daily list of activities that students can refer to to ensure that their wellbeing is looked after. The routine includes essentials like drinking enough water, getting good sleep, and exercising, but it also includes an element of joy – where the individual selects one or two activities that bring them joy on a daily basis. This can be anything from reading to watching a favourite movie.

The students were really engaged and had lots of questions and insight.

I love talks like this as it fills me with hope whenever young people want to prioritize their mental health.

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