Screening of Kurdistan directors' shorts at Truffaut Cinema

Friday, 17 June 2022 , Olot

Screening of Kurdistan directors' shorts at Truffaut Cinema

Screening of Kurdistan directors' shorts at Truffaut Cinema

This was the audiovisual programming at the Truffaut cinema:

Thirty Fires. Diana Toucedo, Lara Vilanova 2018. Spain. in Galician. 9 ’(excerpt) Alba is twelve years old and wants to discover the unknown, mysterious and fascinating of death. With his best friend Samuel, they enter abandoned houses, roam the ruined villages, and go into the mountains, hiding another parallel world. A journey that starts from innocence to discover the mystery of the struggle between life and death.

Una revuelta sin imágenes. Pilar Monsell, 2020. Spain. in Spanish. 14 ’One of the most unknown uprisings in our history, the“ Bread Riot, ”was led by women in the city of Córdoba in May 1652. We do not know the faces or names of those women. No image exists. How do we recover the gestures of resistance from those we have not been able to see?

Lui et Io, Giulia Consentino, 2019, Italy, 13 VOSC. It is the reflection of a woman in her role as a wife and mother who lived between imposition and election. Through the filming of her husband who portrays her, she reveals herself to be against her world, a militant always away from home. A reworking of femininity as a political act to say that love is an act of acceptance of differences and that personal memories are part of the collective history.

Altyazı Fasikül (Remember the Marc) Guliz Saglam, 2020, Turkey, 13 'VOSC Is it enough to stay home to stay alive? In Remember the March, Güliz Sağlam documents the days when women took to the streets despite the pandemic to protest against gender-based violence. While the camera looks at the empty streets from a window, Sağlam recites excerpts from The Purple Roof Women's Shelter Foundation's reports of violence against women during the pandemic, exposing the lack of enforcement of Turkish law. Then, when the women venture out into the street, the camera becomes part of the crowd, reminding us of the power of solidarity in desperate times.

Zimanê Çîya (The Tongue of the Mountains). Lisa Çalan, Turkey 2016, 15 ’, VOSC Xemgin is six years old. In class they call him "Hengin", the Turkish version of "Xemgin", while outside of school they call him "Pizot", naughty in Kurdish. She doesn't talk much at school, but outside of that she lives up to her Kurdish nickname. Teachers come and go. Xemgin - who does not speak Turkish - passes by three of them. And the problems begin.

The directors held a post-screening debate.

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