Talks to students of Escola Andorrana

Wednesday, 14 October 2020 , Andorra

Talks to students of Escola Andorrana

Talks to students of Escola Andorrana

Resum de la ponència

Mutual feedback

During my time at the Faber residency, I was invited to share my work with students in their second year of the baccalaureate at Escola Andorrana. All in all, I gave four talks, presenting my relationship with Catalan and my projects to promote Catalan and Andorran culture.

I imagine the students must have found it a bit odd and, at the same time, I hope, enriching to know that people on the other side of Europe are interested in their country, language and culture. These chats with the students and teachers also gave me a chance to get feedback on my work.

((Plus, I was invited by Ràdio Nacional d’Andorra to be on the programme Ara i aquí to discuss my project. And an article on my work as a Catalan specialist was published on the Culturà website.))

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