Roundtable: “Journalism and politics at the time of the digital revolution”

David Vidal, Cristina Garde i Daria Gavrilova | Can Trincheria (Olot) | 19 May, 2017

Friday, 19 May 2017 , Olot

Roundtable: “Journalism and politics at the time of the digital revolution”

Roundtable: “Journalism and politics at the time of the digital revolution”

The emergence and spread of Internet and social networks have caused a great effect on the media and the concepts in which journalism of the last twenty years has developed. Some topics have passed from the idea of transparency and opacity to fragmentation and empowerment, through concepts such as storytelling or collaborative journalism.

David Vidal has mentioned the need to place the discussion in the dialogue of the contexts of information and knowledge, and on the way from the former to the latter. There is a crisis affecting even the model of crisis that we have to overcome and we must begin to take us seriously difference between the quality and quantity of information.

Cristina Garde has been a little more optimistic when she has underlined that each era has its circumstances and its models, which could be overcame with a global treatment of the journalistic profession, starting with Journalism studies. New forms of journalism should not be a specialization, should work each other.

Daria Gavrilova talked about how we could apply the above ideas to the case of contemporary Russia, where problems arising from the lack of freedom of expression are so great that override media. Freedom of speech passes in front of other problems that we can consider in Western Europe. We are talking about control mechanisms that demand different points of view from what we have here.

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