The history of dance with rhythms of trocks

INS Castell d’Estela | March 24, 2017

Friday, 24 March 2017 , Olot

The history of dance with rhythms of trocks

The history of dance with rhythms of trocks

From Friday 24th, students of History and Foundations of Art, of Castell d’Estela Institute, in Amer, already know trocks, or Monte Carlo Ballets Trockadero, a ballet company made up entirely of men who staged the great ballets of the history of dance. Wearing tutus and point shoes, and endowed with great technical mastery and sense of humor, the trocks have helped to understand some basics of dance history and defeat some myths and prejudices about ballet .

The trocks have been the starting point that Ibis Albizu used in order to make think students about the ballet, the unique style of dance that has spread around the world keeping the same rules and methods. The ballet has aristocratic origins and in its infancy, especially in the reign of Louis XIV, had a great relationship between politics and dance, as evidenced by the fact that the king learned dance to control his body before controling the state. With this workshop students have understood that ballet is an art very mathematical with the space and body.

Ibis explained different periods in the history of ballet, as Baroque and Romanticism or the time of the great Russian ballet repertoire. He also made to reflect about some questions which answer to ballet’s prejudicis, and students were able to see where they came. They saw fragments of Trockadero works and their corresponding versions performed by major ballet dancers in history as Lake signs, El gran pas a quatre, The Death of the Sign or Paquita, as well as fragments of films The Passion of the King or Billy Elliot.

Thanks, Ibis, to convey your knowledge, thanks Montse Planella to make this meeting possible.

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