Anna Peña and Clara Nubiola | Esplai Garbuix and Centre Obert in Olot | April 25, 2018

The children of Olot draw the superheroes they want for Olot

Wednesday, 25 April 2018 , Olot

The children of Olot draw the superheroes they want for Olot

The children of Olot draw the superheroes they want for Olot

Resum de la ponència

Clara Nubiola and Anna Peña from Fundació El Milà did yesterday a workshop to welcome Los Cuentos de Ninots project to Esplai Garbuix and Centre Obert in Olot. In total there were 30 children who let their imagination run wild creating their own superheroes and superheroines to improve the city of Olot.

Los Cuentos de Ninots is an educational project aimed at children that seeks to promote the reflection and empowerment of children in an entertaining way regarding the social and environmental problems that live in the city.

Based on the essence of Los Ninots –some very curious superheroes– we asked the children of Olot what they liked about their city and what they didn’t like so much. With examples of them and our own we invited them to think and draw the superheroes and superheroines that would help us to improve their environment.

The children’s imagination surprised us very positively: among the superheroes was one who stored water in her stomach to give to those who needed it. And among the superheroes, there was the one who fulfilled the wishes of the citizens.

Once we had exhibited all the participants’ drawings, we continued with the reading of three of the characters from the book Los Cuentos de Ninots. We told them that they have unlikely powers, like watching the moon or defending the sun so that we can play in exchange for having many buildings.

The final surprise was that Fundació El Milà gave each of the children a book with twenty superheroes and superheroines, as well as a description of what they do. Today, Txell, one of the monitors of Esplai El Garbuix, told us: “Thank you Anna and Clara! The children were very happy. We also liked it very much; after the workshop that we did after the biscuit making we leafed through the book with them and they were super excited about Els Ninots! Thanks to you both, it was a great afternoon.

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