Presentation of ‘Los Cuentos de Ninots’ project

Anna Peña | Meeting with socio-educational centers in Olot | April 20, 2018

Friday, 20 April 2018 , Olot

Presentation of ‘Los Cuentos de Ninots’ project

Presentation of ‘Los Cuentos de Ninots’ project

Today I have been to the Social Action Consortium of La Garrotxa where I have met with three socio-educational centers in Olot: Centre Obert, LARAI and El Garbuix. The objective of the meeting was to present the project that coordinated the El Milà Foundation called Los Cuentos de Ninots. With El Milà Foundation we seek to develop initiatives on education, art and territory, and this project is the first one we have created.

Los Cuentos de Ninots is an educational project aimed at children that seeks to promote in an entertaining way the reflection and empowerment of children regarding the social and environmental problems that we live in the city.

Based on the essence of Los Ninots -some very curious superheroes- we have offered the social and educational centres of Olot to invite children and young people to be observers of their environment by reflecting, sharing, thinking and seeing the neighbourhood and the municipality in a different way; and by rethinking their own needs in the environment where they live.

We have offered the centers the next:

1 | A book for each child from 5 to 8 years old where you can find about twenty superheroes and superheroines imperfect. Several illustrations and short texts present us with this set of characters that, with unlikely tools and powers, bring us closer to different environmental and urban problems in an original way, and awaken our enthusiasm for transforming them and improving our immediate environment.

2 | A dossier of activities with the main theme of the Interplanetary Olympics proposed by Els Ninots themselves. From 12 different activities we give children different challenges. The experiences lived with the various activities have been developed from the pedagogy of leisure, recreational animation, emotions, body expression and experimentation and creativity.

Having explained the project, I draw some observations and conclusions from today’s meeting:

  • The people who work in the socio-educational centres, mostly women, do exceptional and very important work. They are at the same time a source of resources and knowledge that no one is currently collecting or giving themselves the value they have.
  • In Olot there are three centres with different characteristics and dynamics that give a wealth to the municipality.
  • There is a need for new resources, beyond the continuous proposals that make them, for example, for recycling.
  • The socio-educational centres in Olot find the Els Ninots project a very useful tool.

We will try to make a dynamic next week to welcome Els Ninots in each centre.

The positive response to the project of Los Cuentos de Ninots encourages me even more to broaden my knowledge about reference projects in education, art and territory. I can afford it at the Faber residence. That is why I would like to thank Francesc and Gavina for opening the doors of Faber, a pioneering project so necessary for the culture of Olot and its surroundings.

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