A Saturday of stories for the children of LGBTI families

Associació Construïm Famílies | February 15, 2020

Saturday, 15 February 2020 , Olot

A Saturday of stories for the children of LGBTI families

A Saturday of stories for the children of LGBTI families

I was invited by LGTBI Families Association, Casal Lambda and the LGTBI Center of Barcelona to tell my stories to kids from LGBT Center.

It was a beautiful day not outside as inside the LGBT Center. At the children’s area, families of all kind of genders, with children from 1 to 8 years old was attending. 

First I told the story of a book of mine, still unpublished in Brazil (it will be published between May and June) that calls “Between the sky up above and the deep blue sea”. It is a story in which one star from the sky falls in love with the starfish. Since the illustrations in this book are not ready, I had to do some staging to attract the children’s attention. And I think they liked it. At the end of the story, they clapped their hands but did not leave the place, waiting for the next story, which is from another book called “Where the Colours Live”, about two mothers adopting a child from a shelter. This book, as it had illustrations, was presented on the canvas and the coloring attracted a lot of attention from the children who listened until the end – and this is no an easy task.

In the end, everyone thanked me, and one of the families even came to talk to me, ask if there was a Spanish version and tell they liked what they heard.

And for me it was a challenging experience (because I had to tell the stories in castellano), but was very entertaining.

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