Awareness of diversity from childhood4

University of Barcelona | February 17, 2020

Monday, 17 February 2020 , Olot

Awareness of diversity from childhood4

Awareness of diversity from childhood4

Gerard Coll, director in the Inter-University Master’s Degree in Gender Studies in Barcelona, invited me to present my work and my Faber Project to their students.

The first part of my talk consisted of a presentation of my work in Brasil as a writer, but also I made some parallel regarding my sexuality, which was important to contextualize the reason I write about gender and sexual diversity in my children’s books.

After that I showed some figures on feminicide in Brazil and violence against the LGBT community and why it is so important to create an awareness of diversity from childhood.

And then I finished by presenting the project that I am developing at Faber Residency.

In the end, the students asked a lot of questions about my work, my difficulties as a writer of this subject for the children, talked about their own difficulties and it was a very rich dialogue, a very interesting exchange. I loved having that opportunity. 

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