Olot | November 4, 2019

La Noia de la Benzinera (The Gas Station Girl)

Thursday, 4 October 2018 , Olot

La Noia de la Benzinera (The Gas Station Girl)

La Noia de la Benzinera (The Gas Station Girl)

Resum de la ponència

The activity at the Faber Residecy consisted of a dramatised reading in the Olot Library of La Noia de la Benzinera (The Gas Station Girl), a text that won the Ciutadella 2018 Pocket Theatre Prize and the Barcelona 2019 Pills Prize.

La Noia de la Benzinera is a short theatre play written and directed by Aina de Cos for two actresses that aims to reflect on violence against women in our patriarchal society based on some real facts that at the time caused all women to go out into the street sharing the same cry: “Sister, I do believe you”. 

The dramatised reading took place during my stay at the Faber Residency, (from 30 October to 5 November) on 3 November 2019, in Catalan, with the actress Montserrat Mundet. Previously, a reading was organized in Spanish for the companions of the residence, where the writer and poet Karla Alma Sandoval collaborated reading one of the roles. Afterwards, a small colloquium was organised in English where gender violence and the culture of rape, machismo and patriarchy were discussed.

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