New virtual faberllull residency on robotics

25 participants from all over the world who will meet virtually for a week to work together and share projects and ideas

Wednesday, 6 May 2020 , Olot , COMUNICACIÓ

New virtual faberllull residency on robotics

New virtual faberllull residency on robotics

Faberllull, the Residence of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of Catalonia in Olot, will cancel the stay in residence for programming and educational robotics, given the current situation. Instead, the work sessions will be telematic.

A programming language, like the one used to program robots, is not only something for engineers or computer scientists with a lot of knowledge. Nothing beyond reality

This new format is obviously an open and flexible invitation.

Here are some details about this online residence proposal and about the Robolot 2020 project: Programming and Robotics III (May 6-12)

  • The virtual residence will live in a Moodle space from where we can coordinate different resources.
  • This virtual space will have some general proposal, but it will basically be a communicative space. Following the spirit of the Faber residences, everyone can present the project they are working on in those days and create new lines of collaboration.
  • There will also have 4 thematic spaces to specify and guarantee a minimum of lines of work for this telematic meeting.
  • All Faber participants will be able to register freely and participate in these four thematic spaces. 
  • There will be coordination of these thematic spaces. So their main goals will be presented and also work proposals for each day. Anyway, it will be a participatory space where you can also present suggestions, ideas … and develop other goals that were not initially set.
  • Coordinators will be able to invite other people (outside Faber participants) who are collaborating on the respective projects.
  • If useful, these spaces can continue beyond the dates of Faber’s residency.
  • These 4 spaces are: «Microblocks», «Snap!», «Maker space and 3D dessign» and «IoT and EducaCont». The main work will be in English in the two first spaces and in Spanish in the other two.
  • It will be created a fifth “Faber-Llull” open space to publish and share information and materials on the web. It will be the website of our residence work. We only will publish what has been agreed within the private workspaces.
  • It will be prioritized the use of asynchronous work resources, to allow everyone to work (different time zones, different availabilities…), but it will also try to hold online meetings to encourage the dynamics and a little more “human contact” of the group. Most video meetings will be scheduled with the logic of the different groups. Then, there will be able to have a virtual closing meeting to be all together at the same time.

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