El Modern, the necessary seed. Vincent Monsonís

Friday, 19 May 2023 , Olot

El Modern, the necessary seed. Vincent Monsonís

El Modern, the necessary seed. Vincent Monsonís

El Modern is a creative space promoted by Girona City Council with the intention of promoting audiovisual and digital creation and serving as a meeting place for creators in these disciplines. It is located in the old quarter of Girona, which is a spectacular setting and occupies an emblematic building that was once a large theater.

El Modern's contribution for local creators allows to produce all phases of a project. It offers production, filming and post-production spaces; but also meeting places, screening room and a large film theatre. This offer is tailored to local needs, and the quality of the facilities and services, as well as the hospitality of those in charge, is unbeatable.

Laura showed me the space and the technical resources with great kindness and infinite patience, but above all she conveyed to me the excitement of the many artistic and creative possibilities that can be carried out there.

El Modern is a very useful tool that the city council has very wisely put at the service of local creators, and of those who, without being so, are able to launch audiovisual projects that generate a positive impact on the local sector of audiovisual culture.

As a filmmaker, I think it is a very interesting tool to make available to future Faber-Llull residents. These could show their work and get feedback from an experienced audience but also launch audiovisual proposals that have an effective echo in the territory (either by collaborating with local talent, performers and technicians or by using the immediate environment as location).

In addition to this practical side, I was particularly pleased to realize that the philosophy of the Modern is very close to the way in which I myself face my creative work. I am convinced that audiovisual is the most powerful tool to defend and extend a Culture in the broadest sense of the word (Culture as a way to stay in the world, as a particular view or lifestyle). I have always defended the need to make films in our language, from our territory and with the talent and professionalism of our creators, performers and technicians. Because all the screens we do not fill with our work, will be filled by others (they already do) with theirs, and therefore, with their points of view, their traditions, and their idea of the world .

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