Collective residencies / Creative retreat for illustrators to cooperate with International publishers - 2024 / Olot


From Tuesday, 1 October 2024 to Friday, 11 October 2024



Mar Guixé (Barcelona, 1988) has been drawing as long as she can remember and now has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.

While she was studying various creative outlets (fashion, costume design, comics, cuisine), she worked as an usher, advert extra, at a butcher’s, sweet shop, sausage factory and, for nearly ten years, Bar Mudanzas, where she learned to observe, serve, listen and deal with the public while trying to find her place in the world of drawing. She has been a self-employed illustrator and art director since 2018 and is very happy. She is currently working remotely for national and international projects, brands and companies, which she throws herself into with the same enthusiasm regardless of their turnover.


While at Faberllull, Mar Guixé will be working with Père Fouettard publishers on a literary project where social justice and climate issues related to water and birds will be the main focus.

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