Individual residencies / Andorra


From Monday, 3 June 2024 to Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Playwright, director and professor of theatre


Ferran Joanmiquel is a playwright, director and professor of theatre in a variety of socio-educational arenas. He has won several playwriting awards: Boira de Vic for Riu Gener; Recull de Blanes for Dinou; Bartrina de Reus for Blau; from Calldetenes for Vidres als ulls; Inicia’t Badalona for La filla de Chagall; Octubre València for Tots els colors del blanc; and Pepe Alba, Sagunt for Dones que parlen. His plays that have been performed on stage include Dinou (directed by Carles Fernández-Giua) and Blau (directed by Jordi Prat i Coll, at Sala Beckett). With his company Cos a Cos, he has directed Vidres als ulls, La crida, El rey del Gurugú, La filla de Chagall and Cent dies i cent vides (Festival Temporada Alta). He has also directed the documentaries El color de la llum and El·lipsi for the La Planeta Verbatim theatre series.


Frontera – Playwriting project

The initial concept is for Frontera to be a text on the relationship between a father and son, on the silences and suffering that weave a family relationship, on the expectations any father inevitably projects on his own child, on the difficulties of understanding and accepting the other for who they are, with all their shadows.

The text also aims to reflect on death, on the instinct to cheat it, which has been the topic of much speculation in biotechnology in recent years.

It is possible to transcend pain and death? In the near future, will science allow us to live so long that we are verging on immortality? Should we be able to decide what we want our children to be like using genetic engineering? These are some of the possibilities posed by transhumanists, who believe in a radical shift in the humanism paradigm. And these are also some of the ethical dilemmas that science and medicine are currently grappling with, which in the not-so-distant future will need an ethical, political and social answer.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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