Individual residencies / Andorra


From Monday, 4 November 2024 to Wednesday, 27 November 2024

Poet and rock singer-songwriter


She set up the band Carolina Otero & The Someone Elses in 2009 and has released several albums since, including Diastema Girls (Malatesta Records, 2015). She has also been publishing her poetry since 1998. She was recognised at the Irreconciliables poetry festival in Malaga in 2021 and her poetry book Curso avanzado de perra was published by Editorial Cántico in 2022. At the 2022 Festival Vociferio she performed a fusion of her poetry, music and videos.


Indoeuropeu de cops – Performance

The project she will be working on in Andorra is essentially an interdisciplinary montage of live videopoetry, based on her unpublished collection of poems Indoeuropeu de cops. This book, in the form of lyrical poetry, deals with historical violence against women, through fictional characters such as Lilith, Daphne, Scheherazade and Ellen Ripley, and women from history (scientists and literary figures) such as Theano of Crotone, Juana Inés de la Cruz and Gloria Fuertes, as well as one of the most terrible cases of femicide in Spain: Ana Orantes.

For the final product, the performance, she will work with a selection of poems, fitting them to the images I will create and other copyright-free ones. My project will combine poetry reading, live music and projected images on stage.

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