Individual residencies / Olot


From Tuesday, 21 November 2023 to Friday, 1 December 2023

Doctoral Candidate in History, University Instructor
Florida, United States 


Caroline Hackett is a doctoral candidate in History at Florida State University. She holds a Master’s degree in European History from Florida State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Florida. Caroline teaches university courses on historical research and writing methods, European History, and Atlantic History. She is especially passionate about creating engaging lessons that simultaneously impart historical knowledge and applicable real-life skills on students.

Caroline is active in the scholarly community and enjoys writing articles and presenting her research internationally. She is dedicated to service, as demonstrated through her leadership in interdisciplinary organizations, her role in overseeing undergraduate research projects, and volunteering in many capacities.

With a strong skill set in teaching, mentorship, curriculum development, and interdisciplinary collaboration, Caroline is an ambitious historian with a desire to advance knowledge in her field, empower emerging historians, and tell the stories of overlooked women in history.


During my residency, I will be in the final writing stages of my dissertation. In 2022, I spent six months in the Departmental Archives of Hérault in Montpellier, France. Based on this research, I write about property-owning women in the region of Languedoc before, during, and immediately after the French Revolution. Historians have overlooked the socio-legal situation in the south of France that allowed women to have much more agency, property, and power than we had previously assumed. My project reveals women who conspicuously wielded wealth and power, regardless of economic or demographic situation; this is a significant historiographical intervention.

I want to express my most sincere thanks to everyone who made my residency at Faberllull Olot possible, including those who made the decision to invite me to the residency and Pepa, who made my stay there wonderful. I always felt welcome, safe, and happy at Faberllull. This was my first residency, and I was a bit nervous about the experience before I arrived. However, my experience was nothing but enjoyable. I loved the beautiful town and the hotel, which was clean and hospitable, with excellent views. The people of Olot were exceptionally kind and patient with my less-than-perfect Spanish. I quickly connected with the other residents, and made deep friendships. Best of all, I was extremely productive during my residency, and finished the chapter that I set out to complete. I truly believe this was possible because of my beautiful surroundings, the kindness of those around me, and the ambient mystery of Olot. This was a great experience that I would recommend to absolutely anyone, and it was a privilege to be selected as a resident.

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