Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 8 May 2023 to Thursday, 11 May 2023

Corea del Sud


I am a Korean writer published five books. I won '31st Today's Writer Award' 2007 and The1st Young Art Frontier for the literature by Korean Art Council and was nominated for Korea Times Award for the literature with A Christmas Picnic in 2010. The third book, People who Loved Me, was selected as great novels by Korea Art Council 2020. Besides,I have been doing an International exchange project, Korean-Dutch Joint short novel collection in 2023. I am giving a Korean literature lecture at INALCO France, Aix-Marseille University in April 2023, and Autonoma de Barcelona in early May 2023.


During my stay at faberllull Olot I will write a short novel, I am a liar, and I will give a talk on Korean literature.

My unforgettable experience of the faber-llull writer residency program

My first impression of the faber-llull residecy was only one word. "Wow...." To be honest, I could not close my mouse and lost words for 10 minutes as it was an incredibly beautiful and peaceful area surrounded by great natures. I opened the window of the hotel room, and I got little tears by being touched. It was for the first time to visit Olot and I fell for the area from a day 1. I got inspired and started writing passionately my short story. I felt the story was waiting for me at the Olot. I had got another plan of the story, but I had to change the story as I really wanted to write a particular story in Olot where gave an unique and fresh idea to me. While I was writing my short story at the residence, all members of faber-llull were supporting me kindly and friendly in various ways. I was lucky to be there. I was able to focus on my creative writing fully, and capable to finish a first draft of the short story within 4 days. I heard that I was the first Korean writer visited at the faber-llull writer residency programme. After I left the faber-llull at Olot, I recommended it to Korean, French, and Dutch writers who have been doing the international Lit exchange project along with me. I guarantee that many writers will get an wonderful inspired of their own creative story at the Faber-llull Olot and I would love to stay at faber-llull once again.

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