Invidual residencies / Andorra


From Monday, 18 September 2023 to Friday, 29 September 2023

Archivist and professor
New York


Dr. James Lowry is president and director of the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Queens College, University of New York, and is the Ellen Libretto and Adam Conrad Information Studies Professor. He is founder and director of the Archive Technologies Lab (ATL) and honorary researcher at the Liverpool University Center for Archive Studies, where he will teach classes after two years of his career in archives and document management. Lowry has written and extensively researched the archives of displacement, is coordinator of the Archive Discourses, the international intellectual history research archive of archaeological studies, and editor of the Routledge Studies in Archives book series.


To Faber, I will study the Andorran claim against France for the return of archives, specifically the archives of the Department of the Pyrenees Orientals and the French Vegueria of Andorra. These records date from the early 1880s to the early 1990s and total approximately 100 linear meters of records. The study will explore the context of the creation of the fund, the legal basis of the Andorran claim and the possible paths to negotiation and bilateral resolution. Arxius disputes usually raise complex legal, technical and ethical questions; The unique administrative history of Andorra offers an opportunity to reflect on these questions in view of the current architectural discourse on sovereignty and the lloc.

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