Invidual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 21 November 2022 to Saturday, 26 November 2022

Historian, phD student
República Txeca


Phd candidate at the Ibero-American Studies at Charles University in Prague. Her topic is focused on the history of Mexican traditional dances from the state Veracruz and its perception within the Mexican society.

She has a Master Degree from Art History, several years of experience as a tour guide in various museums in Berlin and vivid curriculum of aquired dances encompassing fokloric dances, traditional and others like salsa, bachata, forró, etc.

There is no such thing as a wrong dancer, you only need to find the proper dance suitable for your mind, body and nature of your soul.


During my stay at Faberllull I would like to conduct a research about Sardana dance and it´s role and meaning for the Catalan society. This should serve as a base for the future platform with informations about the catalan traditions, specifically the rich collection of traditional dances and its history. These observations should help me also with my dissertation topic. Dance can serve as a powerful tool in formation of any nation and in the course of history could be used quite universal. my goal is to step by step reveal this connection.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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