Invidual residences


From Monday, 13 September 2021 to Monday, 27 September 2021

La Pintana, Xile


Juan Carreño (Rancagua, 1986) is a writer and has published the books "Compro fierro" (poetry, 2008), "Bomba Bencina" (poetry, 2012), "Ir a La Trinchera" (chronicles, 2015), "Oxicorte" (poetry, 2016), "Budnik" (novel, 2016), "Paramar" (poetry, 2019) and "Neozona" (chronicles, 2020). He is one of the founders of the Escuela Popular de cine and has made the short films "Santo Tomás, entre la iglesia y los pacos" (2011) and "Hola mi nombre es Óscar Lucero y les tengo una pregunta" (2018). He is currently in charge of the construction of a community library in his neighborhood, in the district of La Pintana, in the metropolitan region of Chile.


During the period of my stay at Faber I intend to continue with the writing of a long term project that consists of rewriting The Bible in the form of extensive poems. It would be ideal to use this opportunity to organize some activities such as talks or workshops with the community (contemporary Chilean poetry, to give an example).

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