Collective residencies / Political violence and theatre in the 21st century / Olot


From Friday, 24 September 2021 to Friday, 1 October 2021

PhD Researcher
Torino (Italy)


Irene Salza is a PhD Reasearcher in Theatre Studies at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona. After a Master's Degree in Social and Community Theatre at the University of Turin in 2007 she became professionally involved in social theatre as an artist, trainer and author of theatre and community development projects. She currently deals with drama, direction of shows, management of workshops and production of artistic installations in Italy and abroad, working with Ngo, Universities, Associations, municipalities. She has contributed in social theatre projects in Palestine, Albania, Bosnia and Malta. She has launched several projects on various themes, such as gender, interculturalism, health, equal opportunities, active citizenship among others. Over the past few years, she has thoroughly analysed the work of participatory installations, which she introduces as integral artistic actions in her theatre projects.


I am giving a talk on the development of research about political violence in contemporary Italian theatre. I am going to lead one of the reading groups about a chosen text regarding the studied topic and, among other activities, I am going to participate in a debate about the theorical references. With the entire group, we will lay the basis for building the International Network of the Latin American and European Theatre Researchers.

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