Collective residences


From Saturday, 21 April 2018 to Sunday, 29 April 2018

Teacher and Project Manager
Madrid (Spain)


She is a pedagogue, teacher and education’s project manager. She has received her B.S from Valle University in Colombia and M.D from Madrid University in Spain. She has worked in non formal education as a teacher since 1991 and as project’s manager in education programs and intercultural transnational education programs since 1996. She has designed and unfolded programs targeted to learners at risk of social exclusion and marginalization. Her devotion to education’s activity has lead her to dig in the field of education innovation by using “learning by doing methodology” with the aid of new technologies applied to the process of learning and the use of digital tools created by and for learners, teachers and school community on the whole. She is currently working on an essay about the education project’s experience of DEAN (Digital Edition Apprenticeship Network). In addition to education she is highly interested in literature, music, writing and reading and yoga as a living motto which enriches life’s human experience.


Art in Education Turn

“The current state of knowledge is a moment in history, changing just as rapidly as the state of knowledge in the past has ever changed and, in many instances, more rapidly” (Jean Piaget)


The time I will spend at Faber will be to reflect and write, lecture and experience on the subject of art and education and akin approach within a new environment, and their interaction in the process of learning aiming at the construction of a new reality.

Actually, there’s a shift in education from instruction Paradigm to learning Paradigm. It means education is no longer based on lectures or teaching but on creativity, innovation and imagination. Art on the other hand is moving for its evolution from structural and functional base which generates a new esthetic to a critical analysis of our construction of reality so the objective is to make education a form of art making.

Learning through the arts promotes the idea that there’s more than one solution to a problem, or more than one answer to a question. Art is beneficial for the artist as an outlet for work. Education as a process of communication of experiences convey a love for learning. Learners who study the arts seriously are taught to see better, to envision, to persist, to be playful and learn from mistakes, to make critical judgements. Art can promote experiences of empathy and tolerance.

While having the chance to share with other participants their insights and approaches based upon their experiences it would be exciting for me to focus on the process of learning which minds me from a pedagogical point of view. As a matter of fact a broad debate will be opened and group discussions will be set.

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