Pilar Cataño | Faber Residency | On April 27, 2018

Re-thinking Life and Education

Friday, 27 April 2018 , Olot

Re-thinking Life and Education

Re-thinking Life and Education

Resum de la ponència

It was clearly a challenge to talk about Pedagogy in the current century. At the beginning of our meeting which was held at Faber’s conference room in the evening of Friday 27th arose an expectancy about the public profile of those who were attending providing the public profile in other activities had been diverse and mixed. Despite awareness, risk, uncertainty, the meeting was able to start at the time scheduled. The attendees were a selected group of teachers and learners of post degree studies.

What astonished the attendees when entered the room was that the seats were piled up in the center of the space. So what to do? The first thing they were told was to Think about how will they organize the space in order to create a pleasant atmosphere to listen and learn and how will they place all the learning stuff scattered in the room (paper, computer, board, writing stuff and so on) What should they do to have a good learning atmosphere. As a matter of fact an appeal to “Re-Think education” was thus set as the motto of the meeting. The fact that there were stablished two paradigms nowadays in education: Paradigm of Instructionism versus Paradigm of Constructionism.  

Curriculum centred system vs Learner centred system arose questioning and inquiries.

These two main concepts came to the center of the debate provoking a spontaneous reaction among the participants. Consequently, the rol of the teacher and the role of school were questioned by the lecturer as well. The participants argued about the need to have a teacher in the process of learning. One must say that the rol of the student was also questioned as the latter moved from the passive attitude of being taught” to the active attitude of self-empowerment and autonomy in the creative process of learning.

Other issues were also set which enriched the common talk as the bursting introduction of technology and the wide world changes technology is provoking in all facets of human life.

We finished the talk by suggesting new ways of shifting society towards top goals in a individual and local level (less use of mobiles and awareness of stopping consumerism) and consequently the ways of teach and learn focused on the innovation, and creative process of learning rather than in imparting knowledge.

We may conclude that we all left the room convinced that we hadn’t got answers to our inquiries but that for a while we have envisioned the future.

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