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From Monday, 23 November 2020 to Monday, 30 November 2020

Writer, Poet, Translator, Essayist


​Rui Cóias was born in Lisbon. He is graduated in Law (University of Coimbra), has a post-graduate degree in Legal Sciences, he is a Jurist, and also studies Philosophy. He his poet, essaysit and translator. He is the author of the books A Função do Geógrafo e A Ordem do Mundo. His last collection of poems, Europa, includes, among others, a series of texts based on the Great War of 1914-18, written by the occasion of a fellowship awarded by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. 

This is the theme of his next project, in which he is working on in the context of a scholarship awarded by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. Rui Cóias is also  published in Mexico (Las Márgenes Sombrias) and in Holland  (Laat de stilte) with translations to spanish and dutch; and also in Belgium (La Nature de la Vie), and in France (L`ordre du monde). 

He has also presented his work in Spain (Galicia), Nicarágua, Switzerland, France, USA, India, Dubai and Turkey and represented Portugal in several important festivals and literary meetings around the world. 

Rui Cóias is featured author also  at the the web platforms: Poetry International Web (Rotterdam), Poems from the Portuguese (Portugal) and Lyricline (Germany). He has a travel and literature Blog, and lives in Lisbon.


My currenty work, in which I will intent to work during my residence at FABER, is the project and work I am writing on under a scholarship I received from the Portuguese Government. Brifley this work consists in: an essay and new poems. Everything, as in my work, is connected, in a philosophical way, and how the landscape and the seasons can be a point of influence in the human sould and destiny  and how it can provide a kind of explanation of History and even art.  For this book, which is my project, I use a historical reference: the Great War, from 1914-18, in particular the battle of the Somme of 1916, in France (a project that I started with the publication of my last book, Europa, and that I wrote during a scholarship I received from the French Ministry of Culture). This referential is like a timelapse in our existence and landscape. On this basis I propose to write a new series of texts, which are in preparation, interspersed with images / photographs, maps and intertextual relations, to make a reflection about the distinctions between time and space, and between the personal and impersonal.

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