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From Friday, 8 November 2019 to Friday, 22 November 2019

Senior Director of Business and Economic Development
New York


Ms. Huey-Min Chuang currently works in strategic policy and program development for small businesses, Minority and/ or Women owned enterprises, disaster relief initiatives and overall state economic development projects. She has won numerous professional and international leadership awards for her work in community economic development and education reform.  Ms. Chuang is a 2012 Crain’s New York 40 under 40 Star, a distinguished Public Service Young Leader and the International Scholar to Taiwan in 2013, 2014 American-Swiss Foundation Young Leader, a 2016 U.S.-Spain Council Young Leader, a 2016 Presidential Leadership Scholar Finalist, a 2017 Top Ten Outstanding Global Young Person, and a 2017 Charter School Public Service Leader for Educational Reforms awardee among many other awards.  

Ms. Chuang is also a visual artist and writer.  Her writings have appeared in the Recovering the Self Journal, World Hospice and Palliative Care website, and on the Future Historical Society.  She has her artworks “Recycle is Culture” exhibited at the Kenektid Gallery, “Mother and Child -Suitcase Full of Hope” story and artwork premiered at BAM Fisher Teknopolis show, and “Forks on the Road: War Sum Up” shown at Puffin Cultural Forum. She had also won the 3rd prize at the International Film on Hospice Care for her documentary, “Journeying Home with Mom” in 2012.  Further, she co-founded two dual language charter schools for girls in the South Bronx that was featured in an Oscar nominated finalist film, “Joe’s Violin” in 2017.  


Diversity learned from life experiences or lived through inherent cultural traits can bring about wonders in the world as well as to serve as a cauldron of creativity and possibility.  At the same time, it can also spur and highlight differences, conflicts and challenges in complex circumstances.  How to integrate these discoveries into a positive force for understanding, acceptance and cause for celebration instead of disharmony? 

At Faber, Huey-Min intends to work on her project, “Lucky Seven – 7 Skills I learned at 10 that Made Me Lucky for Life”, turning diversity in adversity into life-long assets for good.  She will work on stories that inspire, teach, and provide strategic action steps to help others, especially the youth, to harness their “luck” through seven skill building that she learned to master at ten years old during her time as the “other” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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