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Del 12 de març de 2017 al 2 d'abril de 2017

Artista de dansa i teatre contemporanis


Working across forms and borders, Canadian contemporary dance-theatre artist Meagan O’Shea activates people individually and collectively. Devising “Uplifting, energetic and totally out of the ordinary” performances for living rooms, theatres, conference halls and public spaces, Meagan examines ideas from unexpected angles engaging audiences on multiple levels. She is hailed for her whacky, whimsical and wonderful interactive solo shows: We Don’t Need Another Hero, The Atomic Weight of Happiness, based on actual unrelated events; site-responsive work: ensemble improv Dance like no one is watching; participatory closing performance, Ke∂ja Encounter; Hide and See, Bike Ride Festival; interactive installations & performances: Something blueAs I unravel small maps of my spiritFirst Kissed. She was International Associate Artist – Dance Ireland, Artistic Collaborator – Barcelona International Dance Exchange and Associate Artist – Theatre Direct. She is the artistic director of Stand Up Dance, co-founder of Hub14 and recipient of the KM Hunter Award in Dance.


I am creating a feminist re-visioning of James Bond exploring misogyny, rape culture, violence and hero worship while in residency at Faber. I am influenced by what I see and experience in the world, between ideas and action, and how I can relate them. My practice includes the investigation of movement research as it relates to the ideas I am exploring. Seeking truth and the transformation of perspective is one of the core tenets of my working proposals. By translating concepts related to how the world functions (economy, politics, environment, power dynamics) into physical equations, I seek to deconstruct the systems and gain new insight. I address the body as a whole, integrating and valuing somatic experience and by situating explorations in the relationships between bodies.

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