Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 21 October 2024 to Monday, 28 October 2024

Munich (Germany)


Alina Belyagina is a performer, choreographer and facilitator, supported by Kulturreferat Munich.

Since 2019 Alina has presented her work at national and international festivals, mainly at the Want to Dance Taipei, Laos Contemporary Dance Festival, Open Look Festival Saint-Petersburg, Tanzwerkstatt Europa Munich, Euro-Scene Leipzig, International Solo Tanz Theater Stuttgart, Process/Talk Tel-Aviv Suzanne Dellal, Soar Festival Kristiansand, Sommerwerft Frankfurt, Arena Festival Erlangen, On Bodies Cyprus and resident at V-A-C foundation, in the Production Residency Program. She choreographed the performance Обiйми in collaboration with sound designer Symphocat and two dancers.

Her belief in collective support and resource-sharing is evident in her advocacy for the dance community. Her work not only delves into the physicality of movement but also engages with the inherent ways in which dance generates and communicates knowledge.This approach involves a deep exploration of the intersection between the existential and knowledge aspects of dance.

By intertwining the corporeal and the cognitive, she creates a space for dance that is not only aesthetically compelling but also intellectually resonant.


As part of the residency would be conducted research and artistic realizations representing interdisciplinary research devoted to post-anthropocentric or, to quote Donna Haraway, "compost communities” - where duality human -nature is no longer relevant and transforms into multi-narrational ontological perception of what is existence or zoe. Anna Tsing in Arts of Living, asks a critical question: Can the human species continue to exist on this planet along with other species, and seeks answers using landscape figures destroyed by industrialization and modernization (Ghosts) and interspecies communities (Monsters). Donna Haraway, on the other hand, sees hope in creating special relationships with what already exists (Kinu) and collecting rubbish produced during the Capitalocene, and then composting together. The interdisciplinary practice includes research from Alexandra Pirici (Professor of the Performance Department at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich)

During the wartime in Ukraine Alina Belyagina changed her own artistic practice. She started focusing on the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and research. What's left? How do you deal with ruins? What grows there? She would like to create a soundscape of extinct birds and extinct plants of the local area.

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