Collective residencies / Nordic Countries Translators Seminar / Olot


From Monday, 10 June 2024 to Friday, 14 June 2024

Editor and translator
Copenhaguen (Denmark)


She has translated into Catalan prominent Danish authors such as Suzanne Brøgger (“Deliver Us From Love”) and Anne-Lise Marstrand Jørgensen (“Hildegard”), and classics such as Jens Peter Jacobsen (“Marie Grubbe”). She is the literary director of a small publishing company, BonPort Edicions. She was born in Barcelona and is currently based in Copenhagen, where she works as a French teacher and as a translator.


She aim to work on her next translation from Danish into Catalan: “Min mormor var Tove Ditlevsen” (“My Grandmother was Tove Ditlevsen”) by Lise Munk-Thygesen (2023). The book gives a new, invaluable insight into the life and work of the acclaimed Danish author Tove Ditlevsen. Her granddaughter pulls the thread of a moving story binding all women in her family eight generations back, with Tove -and herself- at the very centre. The strong, intelligent, detached literary voice that emerges from the book is one of its key features, and she hopes to find the way to convey it in Catalan during herstay at Faberllull.

Faberllull Olot is the perfect place to find inspiration and work without the weight of everyday obligations. The whole space is like a window onto the world of words, images and feelings: the lounge is spacious and bright, and the green landscapes surround you as soon as you arrive. Everything seems designed for concentration and creative genius to coincide, and Pepa and Andreu make every stay a true pleasure. As a Faber resident, you have access to the meeting room, kitchen and dining room. If it’s sunny, you can walk to Olot after lunch for a coffee in the city centre, or hike towards the mountains. If it’s raining and foggy, even better. It feels like you’re in an Icelandic saga and the spacious, comfortable rooms with a large desk that is any artist’s dream are perfect for translating, writing or philosophising with your feet firmly on the ground. Because that’s the best part: creating an environment and conditions anchored in reality so artists can shape their texts and art.

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