Individual residencies / Andorra


From Monday, 1 July 2024 to Monday, 15 July 2024


He has a degree and PhD in visual arts (ESAP, University of Porto/Vigo). His work spans many areas of knowledge, from art and architecture to literature, philosophy and history. He creates intertwined stories by researching and collecting images and objects, and establishes dialogues among the specific contexts, public and private institutional archives and his own collection of documents.

His work has been on display in contemporary art spaces such as Viafarini; Edicola Radetzky; Brera Academy, in Milan; MACRO, in Rome; House of Arts, in Brno; Vasarely Museum, in Budapest; Palazzo Bembo, in Venice; HGK, in Karlsruhe; Centercourt, in Munich; KUB, in Leipzig; Vasistas, in Dresden; MAGT, in Athens; Izolyatsia, in Kyiv; LLLLLL and Notgalerie, in Vienna; Ville Belleville, in Paris; MCA, in Valletta; Rosalux, in Berlin, and WCAC, in Cork.


Almanach – Artist’s book

Almanach will involve both research and practical work to create an art installation that creatively redefines relationship dynamics in cultural and geographic contexts.

Although Sérgio Leitao tends to show my work as mixed-technique installations, he often creates stand-alone pieces using different techniques, such as drawing and painting. Almanach is a project under way that was presented for the first time at the Biennial of Contemporary Arts in Portugal and spread to Italy. To continue the series at the Massana, he will start by doing background research that will take shape in individual drawings and an artist’s book. Both will be a compilation of visual references, as a way to build a portrait of the city, the surrounding landscapes and the communities that live there. "I hope this project mobilises the public on pathways to alternative collective and personal mappings". A book will be published soon with all the series that make up Almanach.

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